Hi! I'm Manon.

I am a qualified Architect looking for the next opportunity within the creative industries.

Qualified in Strasbourg, I have over 3 years of experience in Architecture and Interior Design, both in France and The Netherlands. I contributed to the conception of inspiring and quality spaces, and I aim to transform the everyday into something extraordinary.


Driven by the desire to experience different cultures and environments, I recently undertook several months of solo international travels and moved to Scotland in October 2019.


Keen to face new challenges, I am currently looking for my next role within the creative industries. I am a creative thinker, a pragmatic problem-solver and an environment shaper, with extensive design skills and a passion for visual storytelling. I am particularly interested in an Art Department role within the Film and TV industry.


Currently based in Edinburgh but available to work throughout Scotland and the UK.

Fancy a peek at my CV?